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Sue Blakeley is an experienced garden designer who works closely with her clients to design beautiful and evolving gardens that enhance their surroundings and meet the lifestyle needs of her clients. Sue has assembled a dynamic and talented team all with many years’ experience . Led by Sue, we work closely with our clients throughout each stage of the process of design and construction and pride ourselves in developing the trust of our clients due to the high level of accountability we take in ensuring each project is designed and built to exacting standards. This is the hallmark of our success.

The company employs teams of skilled construction workers and gardeners that are dedicated to each project from conception to final planting. We employ specialist consultants for aspects of the construction such drainage and large tree work.

Our creative flair enables stunning gardens to be designed whilst ensuring that they are able to be looked after in a practical way. The highest quality plants and trees are selected and sourced from renowned nurseries from around the world. Our buying capability means that we are able to secure the finest specimens whether they are young or established and mature.

All of our gardens are designed to look fabulous with each changing season and to work well within their natural environment. No project is too large or too small. Our approachable and dynamic team ensures that our clients can enjoy the garden of their dreams.


Shepherd’s Huts
Sue Blakeley has introduced a range of traditionally styled Shepherd’s Huts. The Huts are of a modern and robust construction yet are faithful to the beauty and timelessness of the originals.

Shepherd’s Huts can be situated in almost any garden, usually without requiring planning permission due to the fact that they can be mobile, and their versatility means that they can be used as a study, summerhouse, artist’s studio, playroom, poolside bar and kitchen and even as a spare room!

The Shepherd’s Huts are usually built to their original scale and dimensions, approximately 12’ x 7’and are made by highly skilled artisans. The wheels and all metai work including door and window catches are made to original patterns by an experienced blacksmith and the wooden exterior is carefully constructed by talented craftsmen out of sustainably sourced wood and insulated with the most modern materials.

The Shepherd’s Huts will bring a romantic and picturesque aspect to your garden whilst being fully practical. The interior of the huts can be designed to incorporate electrics and plumbing and customised in other ways to suit you – to incorporate a log burner, for example.

Sue Blakeley
Shepherd’s Huts